Saturday, July 12, 2008


Atlanta is its own breed of hot...oh that's right, I forgot to tell you - We're in Atlanta. That's why I've been absent from the blogworld. I kept meaning to post about the upcoming vacation, but we were busy. Plus, there's the whole, "someone might rob our house while we're gone" fear. So, to all you potential thieves out there - "we'll be home any minute!"

We came for a short vacation, and to spend time with our friends, Marc and Dara. They have a little girl almost Evan's age and we've been having loads of fun watching them kiss, hug, play, sing, and bathe together!

We went to the Atlanta Zoo, which I have to say gives the Indpls Zoo a serious run for its money. We went to the new World of Coke. We've eaten, watched movies, played games, talked and talked, and tonight we're leaving the kids at home with Dara's mom, while we go out on the town.

It's been so much fun and we're sad to see it end. More importantly, we're dreading the drive home. 8+ hours. With Evan. The first one wasn't a joy ride, but honesty, it could have been worse - let's hope he wasn't saving it up!

Eventually, I'll upload the thousands of pictures I've racked up over the last few days and do a few more detailed posts about the trip...maybe Monday.

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morgan said...

glad you guys are having a good time!