Tuesday, July 22, 2008

One more year

I've written a couple of posts about our inability to decide when to have our second child, but I think we've finally come to a resolution, and I feel relieved. There have been so many more factors to consider this time around, and it's honestly been a bit overwhelming.

I've always tried to be a bit hands-off for the major decisions in my life, feeling much more confident letting God decide their outcome. Having Evan was no exception, but this time around things have been more complicated.

We had originally planned to start trying right about now. However, we weren't feeling any peace about it, so we've officially decided to wait one more year. When we first talked about waiting longer, I was a little disappointed. But, It's a decision we've prayed a lot about, and now I know it's the right one.

In some ways, I'm ready now, and in other ways I don't know if I'll ever be ready. We want to be prepared financially for our second child and all the things that might entail, and that's probably best accomplished by waiting the extra year.

In the meantime, I'm going to enjoy Evan some more...and maybe even get him potty-trained!


wendy said...

You seem very much at peace with this, which makes me think it is the right decision for you. ((hug))

morgan said...

maybe i will finally have my first before you have your 2nd!

Maya said...

It's such a hard decision but it sounds like you guys have really thought it all out.

Ashley said...

Ahhhh...baby #2. We've had that discussion(s), too. I'm just not ready, either. I keep telling myself, "OK, by the time #1 is 3..."

Sounds like you have a well-thought out plan. I hope it brings you peace.

christinemm said...

OHH! You'd better watch out!!!

I really pondered and analyzed when I should get pregnant with #2. I seriously considered it for about two months and even read a book about the topic of when to bring a second baby into the family. LOL. I guess they have a parenting book on every topic!!

At my weekly SAH mom playgroup we were all pondering it together. We all had just one child, all aged right about the same age (within a few months of each other). One had just gotten pregnant, intentionally. Two had just decided to make it happen. My older son was just turning 2, it was exactly at the 24 month old age. I went to the playgroup and two friends said they were checking ovulation dates and were excited to start trying. I helped them out with tips from a book I read and used to get PG with baby #1.

I announced I decided to wait one more year. I would join Weight Watchers and drop the 25 lbs that would not come off. I would start walking and doing other exercise. I was committed. I wanted kind of a svelt Mama body happening before I started another pregnancy.

I did join WW. I did start walking. My two friends announced shortly thereafter they were indeed pregnant (they told us right when they missed their first period).

My weight didn't come off. I had taken one risky chance. One time. Come to find out, I was preggers too. That is why the weight didn't come off.

One mom had her baby two days before me. The third had hers two weeks prior.

Be careful about planning...LOL.

When I foung out I had gotten pregnant I really thought God's hand was in it and that it was not all in my control. It actually felt good to release the control of it and just have it happen like that.

So anyhow, if you are on the fence in any way you could just start taking some chances and not think of dates, cycles etc and if it happens, it happens and it was 'meant to be'.

Bottles Barbies & Boys said...

{came by yesterday but blogger didn't except my comment}

After contemplating myself on a #4, I know what a huge decision it is. Sounds like your making the right one!
Best wishes~

Kelly said...

It is a hard decision. You sound a peace with waiting. Enjoy the next year of just Evan!