Monday, August 11, 2008

Borrowed Time

We've been loving these tepid August days and chilly August nights. But, they also remind me that Summer is on borrowed time. I go back to school tomorrow, and even though I'm sad to be away from Evan more, I know we've had a great, long summer together. Plus, as Jeff likes to remind me, it's not like I work a full week.

Evan has changed so much this summer. He turns two in November and he's talking all the time, and even putting simple sentences together. Yesterday he was pointing out a baby to me, so I asked him if he was a baby, he replied with an emphatic "No!" He's right, he's definitely not a baby anymore.

We've had to put safety locks on all of our doorknobs because he's figured out how to open them. He's also realized that our kitchen stool can gain him access to all of the kitchen counters. When I'm making dinner, he follows me around trying to swipe food. Each time I move, he picks up that stool and chases me to the next counter.

Even though he's grown up so much this summer, and become such a mature little 21-month old, he's not too cool for school. At this very moment, he and I are playing a fun game of fetch, complete with a tennis ball.


morgan said...

he looks older in that last photo! i'm glad he's talking so much and that you guys have gotten so much time together! Can't wait till he says my name!

Burgh Baby said...

That was a great post. *sigh* It's so sad how fast it all goes. Good thing we have blogs to help us remember it all!

new mercies everyday said...

haha, i love your cute evan stories!

Kelly said...

Evan is getting so big! I hope work went well today!