Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Evan says a lot of stuff these days and honestly we only understand half of it. As a result, sometimes we tune out the incessant babbling. But, there are a few things we've learned NEVER to ignore.

If we hear any of the following, we stop what we're doing and assess the damage: uh-oh, ewww, oh-no, mess, poop, and what's this. Sometimes, the outcomes are self-explanatory, but it's the unknowns that strike fear. More often than not, he's spilled something, gotten into something he shouldn't have, pooped, or found a gross bug, and he's just letting us know. But, every now and then a quick response can prevent an ever bigger mess.

At least he's still at an age where he tells on himself. I'm not looking forward to the days where we don't get a fair warning!

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