Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Hurry Up

Evan has always loved food. It sort of comes with the territory here in VerWaynia. Even with the pickiness of toddlerhood, he's still been a good eater. He's also a fast eater. He guzzled his bottles as a baby, and now he crams food in his mouth and chugs his sippy cups. I'll admit, I'm a fast eater too. I know that you're supposed to chew each bite like 50 times or something, but who does that?

As a result, mealtimes tend to be very efficient. Jeff gets home at 6:00, and I almost always have dinner ready and headed for the table when he walks in the door. Twenty minutes for eating, leaves an hour for Jeff and Evan to play before bedtime.

But, lately, Evan's decided to "take off his bib and stay awhile." It's been taking him FOREVER to eat. Every time I think he's done, I ask him and he says, "no," and then he finds something else on his plate to eat. The last couple of nights we've had the dishes washed before he finished eating.

Is this some new toddler thing? I mean, I'm glad he's taking his time, but does he have to be that slow?

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morgan said...

i've seen older kids do that, but usually not that age...maybe give him less food and see what happens? or maybe less of a variety??