Monday, August 18, 2008

Nature's in the house

Ok, so actually, it's in our yard. Well, except for the parts we're trying to kill with heavy duty herbicides.

Our back, and apparently front, yards are the neighborhood playground for all sorts of birds, rabbits, and some kind of hole digging vole or chipmunk. Seriously, every morning we look outside and our yard is covered with birds and rabbits, but there aren't any in our neighbors' yards. What is that about?

I'm assuming the rabbits are attracted to the resiliently indestructible sticker bushes, but what's up with the birds? Do our worms taste better than everyone else's?

And then there's my attempt at a green thumb - my tomato plant. Luckily, I chose to go the potted route this year, because otherwise, it would have fallen to the rabbits. Little known fact about me: I LOVE LOVE LOVE fresh tomatoes! I eat 'em like candy. I slice one up on a plate, douse it with salt, and dig in! I usually have to beg people with gardens to give me their extras, but this year I'm growing my own. They say one tomato plant per pot, but I did throw in several herbs. We've had fresh chives, basil, and oregano all summer. Plus, I'm hoping to freeze our sage for Thanksgiving. Next year, I'd like to plant a real garden, but we had too much on our landscaping plate to attempt that this time around.

I've been very protective of my tomatoes. First off, I've watered this plant more than anything in the history of VerWaynia greenery (that usually ended up not so green as a result.) Secondly, the few times that Evan has taken a curious notice of my little, green, baby tomatoes, I completely freaked out. Please, oh please, don't rob me of my future delicacies! I planted late in the season, so we still don't have any ripe tomatoes, let's hope all of this coddling pays off!


Chantelle said...

Tomatoes are the best! I love tomato sandwiches even. YUMMY! However, my husband hates them so we have disagreements over dinners at times. I need to do like you and just grow some so I can have them whenever I want them.

Burgh Baby said...

I totally get away with five tomato plants in one pot. This year I have one Grape and four Cherry, all for the extra-special pleasure of the Toddler. None of the rest of us like them, but she will eat dozens straight off the plant. I'm betting Evan will do the same thing just as soon as you aren't paying attention!

wendy said...

Love your wildlife but NOT a tomato fan! It's funny...not one member of my family will eat a tomato. I've grown them before, though, because I love to make homemade spaghetti sauce!

Ironically, when The Girl was young, she used to eat tomatoes. She would dip them in ketchup first, though! LOL!

EugeneTeam said...

this has nothing to do with your post but i thought i'd tell you i got heroes season 1 for my birfday and i've gotten my roommates hooked! wahahahaha