Monday, August 25, 2008

The leaves are falling

I'm starting to dread the arrival of Fall, which is weird, because I love Fall - it's my favorite season. But, too close on it's heels is Winter and I hate Winter, well, besides the snowmen and hot chocolate and Christmas. Alright, maybe it's just the cold weather I hate.

This is the first summer we've had a yard to enjoy and we've loved it. After dinner, we sit outside and watch Evan play and it's been so nice. I'll miss the breezy evenings and the time spent splashing around in the inflatable pool. There are just so many more options when it's not freezing outside.

Fall will be fun too, of course, pumpkin carvings, jumping in leaves, and no more mowing, but it's always too short. I have to remind myself that this year will be different, though. Even as it starts to get colder, we can still go outside and run around because we have a place to do that now. Hopefully, with each season we can find something new to do outside. Anyone have any favorite outside Fall activities that are fit for toddlers?

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