Wednesday, August 27, 2008

It's that time again

Tv is about to get good again, well, hopefully. Luckily the writers' strike prevented too many new shows from debuting this year, because my plate is already very full! I've never considered myself a huge tv watcher, but I can't help myself, it's just gotten so much better in the recent years. Never mind that martyrs like Arrested Development had to pave the way, and that we get most of our ideas from the wittier British, but we finally have smart television.

This year a lot of our favorites seem to be converging on Mondays, and that's my Pilate's night. I'll be home in time for Heroes (thank goodness,) but I'm a little anxious about developing the backlogged DVR cycle. It used to be that the only tv we watched was on Monday and Thursday, so we had days in between to spend doing more intellectual activities like reading, creating, and philosophizing, or maybe just watching our DVR'd shows. But, now there are other days of the week I DVR as well. For instance, Monday night has gotten so crowded, that now we have to start recording shows on our small cartoon television. And then there's The Shield, that we're speeding through on Netflix, which comes back for it's final season this year, so we're adding that to the ever growing list.

Fortunately, as parents, we don't get out that much, so we have plenty of time on the weekends to catch up. Did that sound lame? Oh well, it's about to get worse - I'm going to list all of the shows we'll/I'll be watching this year:

Mondays - Monday Night Football (I list this only because it throws a big kink in my DVR chain,) HIMYM, Chuck, Terminator (don't laugh, it's really good,) and Heroes
Tuesdays - The Shield, Scrubs (eventually)
Thursdays - The Office, 30 Rock, Burn Notice (that's mainly me)
Fridays - Psych

Of course, this list doesn't include any of the new shows coming out, most of which seem like they'll tank. But, there are a few that might be worth checking out like Fringe, and Worst Week.

It's all a bit overwhelming, but I think I'm up for the task! Bring on the premieres!

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Kelly said...

I'm so excited for some good tv too!!