Sunday, August 17, 2008

Time with Dad

This weekend was all about father/son bonding. Yesterday, the boys stayed home while I went to a friend's bridal shower, and then today they went to the open house at the new Colts' stadium. We have friends with season tickets (thanks, Ed and Melissa,) and they couldn't go, so Jeff took Evan. Jeff said it was pretty packed and not very stroller-friendly, but otherwise, they had a good time. For those who don't know, Jeff is a huge Colts fan, so we're indoctrinating Evan early.

While they were out perusing the Colts' new digs, I did something I rarely ever do - I planned out a week's worth of meals and grocery shopped accordingly. I know, right, what better way to spend an afternoon alone? Why spend a couple hours at the spa when you can grocery shop? I even took Rachael Ray's advice and prepped some veggies. I like to cook, but I tend to be impulsive when it comes to what I'm cooking, which of course, leads to impulse buying at the store. But, not this week, because we're having chicken/couscous/spinach salad, frittata/brussels sprouts, mexican deep dish casserole/sweet potatoes/cinnamon apples, and leftovers. By the way, I found this blog a while back and forgot to pass it along. She's pledged to use her crockpot for a straight 365 days. I'm thinking, "everything in moderation, " but there are some good recipes on there, check it out.

And without further adieu...a million pictures of Evan in his "oldie but goodie" Colts' jersey...

Evan's excited about these tickets too!

He's contemplating our chances this year.

Trying out the seats, but definitely not ready to sit here for 4 hours!

Yeah, that's right - skills!

And just so you know we can


Maya said...

Look at Evan holding those tickets! Starting early!

Kelly said...

What a cute little Colts fan! Jeff was brave to take Evan there, although maybe with just 1 it wasn't bad. I was so glad we decided not to take the boys.

I'm going to check out that blog. My goal since I started staying home has been to meal plan and i still haven't done it.

Pam said...

Bring on the new season! Yeah!!! Just wait until you guys get to watch Evan play a sport so much fun!!!!!

Jeff & Nikki Goedeker said...

Love the little Colts jersey! Before you know it, he will be out there playing! It looks like Jeff and Evan had fun bonding, but you are right, you should have spent your free time at the spa or something : )

Alison said...

That's what I do with my free time sometimes! It's actually quite refreshing to complete something uninterrupted and feel good about having a plan, huh? :-)