Friday, September 26, 2008

And the premieres continue

The Office - Of course this premiere gets an A+, but they sort of stacked the deck with the whole Jim and Pam getting engaged thing - Awesome!! Between the Dwight/Angela booty calls, Ryan coming back as Michael's secretary, the Jam engagement, and all of Michael's hilarious un-pc ways, it was a great episode!

Worst Week - I'm still figuring this one out, but I'm interested enough to keep watching. It's basically Meet the Parents in tv form, but it's filmed in more of a movie style, which I like. It's definitely funny, but funny in a painful way. You know he's going to do something completely stupid and you wish you could yell at him to stop! I also don't like the way it ends abruptly. I give the show a B, but I'm not committing to that grade.

My Name is Earl - We watch this show only because it's part of the Thursday line-up. If we've got other things going on, we skip it, but we did catch the premiere. It seems to be going in a much funnier direction than last year. As long as the episodes have plenty of Joy and Randy, they usually turn out pretty good. I'd give the premiere a B.

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Alison said...

LOVE The Office! I definitely did not see that proposal coming!