Monday, September 29, 2008

Working weekend

Jeff worked like a dog all weekend staining our fence. I can't believe what a process that is. He's not finished yet, so it looks like more of the same next weekend. It's looking really great though! Of course this meant that Evan and I were left to entertain each other. We spent our time making cities in the sandbox, playing "catch," and finding things in the clouds. And since we have our camera back, we also took lots of pictures.

We had a brief crisis while we were outside. I had gone around to the front yard to move our sprinkler and left Evan in the backyard. When I came back to the gate, it was open, and I nearly lost my mind. Luckily Jeff was in the garage, which is where Evan went on his great escape. I was sure that I had closed the gate behind me and within five minutes of being back in the backyard I figured out what had happened. That little toddler of ours went over to that gate like he owned it and started messing with the latch until he got it open. Now, we have a "lock" on it to keep him in!

It also appears that we have a new resident in VerWaynia. This little bird showed up a few days ago in our front flower bed. It seems to be injured, and I'm not exactly sure what to do about it. I've called a wild life place, but they haven't called me back. I've been putting seeds and water out, and more importantly, keeping Evan away!


LadyStahl said...

You could open a petting zoo with all the animals that you have over there!

morgan said...

evan totally looks like he's posing in all of these! :)

Holly said...

cute pics! VERY jealous of your yard - mine is itty bitty :(