Tuesday, September 23, 2008

It's Back!

Last night was the two-hour premiere of Heroes. I've been taking my favorite show's return in stride, trying to not get too crazy obsessed, because last year I was really disappointed. I had been hearing/reading really good things all summer, so I was hopefully optimistic. But, as soon as the show started, I sat up straight and was all in!

If I had to grade last night's premiere, I would definitely give it an A. Not an A+, but a solid A. The show knew it had to wow back a lot of it's audience, so it was a little heavier on shock appeal than plot and suspense, but some of the shockers were worth the compromise.

Heroes has won me back as a faithful fan, and here's how: Hiro is back where he belongs on adventures with Ando, lots of Peter and Sylar, finding out that just about anyone can be a Petrelli, great special effects, super cool new powers, mysteries to unravel, and of course, the fate of the world depending on our heroes.

If you haven't already, you should check it out!

A few other premieres worth noting...

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles - So far so good. We loved this show last winter, but since there really weren't any other viable options, we didn't know how it would fare come premiere time. It's lost a little of it's luster, now that some of our favorites are back, but it's still a good show. I'm not entirely sure about their decision to cast the lead singer of Garbage as a super villain, but we'll see. Overall I'd give it a B.

The Shield - This show is in it's final season and these are thirteen episodes we will not miss! It's hard to judge the premiere separate from the entire series, since we spent our summer watching all six seasons back to back. Ethically, it's difficult for me recommend this show to others, because of it's adult content. But if you can get past the vulgarity, it has a lot of redeemable qualities. The Shield is a cop drama, with a strong emphasis on drama. The show has a Sopranos feel, because the main character/hero of the show is a very dark shade of gray, yet you can't help but root for him. Every episode is crazy intense, all of the characters are noteworthy, and we can't wait to find out the fate of Vick Mackey and his crew. I give the premiere and the entire series an A+ (with demerits for the extensive adult content!)

Fringe - This is the first new series premiere I've seen this Fall, and it gets an overwhelming A+. Fringe is reminiscent of The X Files, but with a different twist and maybe a tad less creepy. It's very well put together and Jeff and I were both really impressed. And of course, who doesn't love Joshua Jackson? Definitely check this one out!

I'm hoping to grade each premiere I see, and given the long list of shows I've committed to, this could take a while...check back for more!

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new mercies everyday said...

dude, heroes was AWESOME! i finally got to watch the premier last night!