Sunday, September 14, 2008

Reason to celebrate

My mom had Evan all weekend, so we were childless. We were busy with wedding festivities, but managed to make time for the child-free trifecta: shopping, sleeping in, and catching a movie.

We've been in the long process of searching for the perfect sofa, and since furniture shopping with a toddler is about as much fun as poking my eyes out, we made the most of our opportunity. Jeff also got in some bookstore time, while I shopped for clothes. We went to lunch, made sure to sleep in, and then after the wedding we went to a late show. It was a good weekend, but some of the best moments were spent celebrating with our friends on their wedding day.

We've known Eugene and Kim for a very long time. Their wedding has been highly anticipated, and it didn't disappoint. They had two amazing songs in their wedding, one of which included my husband on guitar, but the main event (besides Kim and her dress, of course) was their first dance. They're both great dancers, and we knew they'd deliver, but not like this! If their dancing is any indication, Eugene and Kim are in for a lifetime of happiness!! You guys sure know how to put on a dance party, we stayed on the floor much longer than usual, and it was a lot of fun! This video doesn't do them justice, but it's a performance you have to see...

(For your downloading pleasure - In case you're like me and can't get this song out of your head, it's Forever by Chris Brown.)


morgan said...

that's awesome! what a great first dance! i even teared up a bit cause it's so great to see 2 people have so much fun! i'm glad the wedding went well, they deserve it!

Nathan, Jan and Eva said...

Wooo hoooo!!!!Thanks for posting the dance!!!! SO sad we couldn't be there, but loved to see the video!