Thursday, October 30, 2008

Big boy beds are the best

If I had known how glorious bedtime would be once we made the move to a big boy bed, then we would have made this transition a lot sooner. This boy loves him some night night! He's always done relatively well at bedtime, but he would put up the occasional fight. These days he can't get to bed soon enough.

He can't wait to jump into bed, lay down on his new pillow, tuck in his teddy bear and say in his cutest little toddler voice, "night night." We give him hugs and kisses like usual, but you can tell that he's much more interested in the part where we leave. And when we close that door, we don't hear a peep out of him, well, except for the pleasantries he exchanges with Teddy. Apparently he inherited my love of sleep!

Coming up soon on VerWaynia...two-year pictures!!

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Holly said...

that's excellent! :)