Saturday, November 01, 2008

Pirate or Spiderman

Our neighborhood is serious about their trick-or-treating! The original plan for Halloween was to let Evan stay up late and help us hand out candy in his costume. I didn't know the appropriate age to begin letting your child beg strangers for candy that you'll probably end up eating, plus, I figured he'd have just as much fun watching the costumes go by. And he did. But, after the 10th toddler we gave a Kit Kat, we decided it wouldn't hurt to let him go around to a few of the neighbors we know on our street.

Believe it or not, this was Jeff and I's first real Halloween experience since being married. We've never really lived in a trick-or-treating neighborhood, and even though we always bought candy, no one ever came. I got this year's candy a few weeks ago and thought I had really over done it and would probably end up several pounds heavier as a result. I was SO wrong. The trick-or-treaters started around 6:30 and before 8:00, we were completely devoid of candy. Apparently, next year we have to buy a lot more than five bags!

Evan had a great time. He loved looking at all of the costumes, seeing some of his favorite characters come to life, and of course, saying, "choo choo treat." He did well - he brought his mama home lots of good candy to eat!

Check out this pumpkin. This is "Jeff carves a mean pumpkin: take 2." The first ones we carved a little too early, so we had to get a new one for Halloween. I think it's his best yet. Evan's speech therapist thinks he should take his pumpkin carving on the road, but I think we'll hold on to his day job a little while longer!

We hope everyone had a safe and chocolate-filled Halloween!


Holly said...

well isn't he the cutest spidey ever! :)

great pumpkin. we have some really cool patterns that we used to do every year. took a pumpkin carving vacay this year! lol...

Maya said...

He is the cutest Spider Man I've seen!!! Love the muscles!

morgan said...

glad it was fun for ya! that's a good picture of you as well! :)