Friday, October 03, 2008

It's a Miracle!

Last night, Jeff realized he hadn't seen Elliott (our cat) in quite a while. We started calling and looking for her, but we couldn't find her anywhere in the house. We looked for probably 45 minutes before deciding that she was missing.

Ever since putting our cat door in, we've had to be very careful about how long we leave the garage door open, so she doesn't escape. But, when we came home from the hospital on Wednesday, we may have left the door open too long while bringing Evan inside. That meant that she had been missing for a whole day and a half!

I immediately started making signs to post, and we were brainstorming all of the people we could call today. We were really worried about her, because she's never been outside for any length of time. We left the garage door open a crack overnight, just in case she somehow found her way home. Then we spent some time praying for her. It may sound silly - praying for a cat, but I believe God cares about cats too, so I prayed that she would find her way home.

This morning, Jeff went downstairs and there she was, sitting on the couch like she'd always been there. I don't know, maybe she has a secret hiding place and she'd been in the house all along, but we seriously looked everywhere. Plus, she always comes when I call. So, the next time you hear me complaining about her, remind me that she's an answer to prayer.


morgan said...

awww...poor elliot! i seriously need to grab her up the next time i'm there and bring her back w/ me! :) it's weird how they hide like that. the other night, stifler slipped out and was just waiting by the back door for me to let him back in...didn't even know he was out there!

Dana said...

My friend's cat escaped one day while she had a plumber working on her bathroom. She found the little cutie four days later in the neighbor's shed.

It's so scary when a pet is lost.

Pam said...

Glad u found her! She looks ticked off, lol!

Alison said...

I've prayed for someone's cat to come home before. Not silly at all!