Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Oh My!

Ok, last night's episode of Heroes was SOOO awesome!! I think it became my third favorite of the entire series. If I had any doubts that my beloved series would return to its former glory, they're gone. I was a little worried that this season would lack plot, but they've completely proven me wrong. There were a few times that I even had to remember to exhale after a scene!

Oh, and I forgot to give Chuck's premiere a grade - It gets an A+ as always. We love Chuck. Its funny, romantic, and full of action - what's not to love?

Seriously people, you have to start watching Heroes!!!


Burgh Baby said...

But I feel like I have to watch the first season before I watch this season! Urgh!

eugeneteam said...

really? i thought it felt rushed like the season premier... they'll have to take the next few episodes to explain what happened.

Alison said...

Steve loves it, but I just can't follow. I think even he's a bit confused at the moment. Perhaps you could clue him in! I'm waiting for Lost. That's my show!