Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Labor and Delivery vs The Terrible Two's

There was a point during my labor with Evan, after twelve long hours, and while feeling what I thought must be the most pain I could endure, that I turned to my nurse and asked her if this was in fact, the worst it would get. My nurse knew that I wanted to try giving birth naturally, but she also knew that being dialated only 6 or 7 centimeters meant that, no, this was not as bad as it would get.

Evan has always been a spirited child, and we've been "disciplining" since he started walking at 10 months. My gorgeous baby boy is easily frustrated and incredibly stubborn (two traits he comes by quite honestly,) and as a result we've struggled through obstinance and tantrums since he was one. We've been firm and consistent and a few months ago I remember thinking, "wow, he must have gone through his 'terrible two's' early, and we survived!"

However, recently, I realized that we had actually still been a few "centimeters" away from the real terrible two's and they were now upon us. He turns two on the fifteenth, and I'm hoping that his birthday wish is for this stage to pass quickly and with minimal damage and few casualities. Because, there's no epidural for the terrible two's.

These days, everything is a struggle - even the simplest of tasks. He's taken "easily frustrated" to a whole new level! His favorite phrase is "I try," and he only wants to do what he wants to do. We're staying the consistency course, knowing that this is all part of his toddler development, but we'll be glad when it's over! Luckily, he still manages to be unbelievably adorable at least 50% of the time, so I guess we'll keep him!

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Holly said...

I am still waiting for Sam to pass through the stage....

Oh my, he says "I try". That is absolutely adorable!