Monday, November 24, 2008

My Fitness Goals

After exercising on Friday, I was thinking about my fitness goals. I came to the conclusion that they're a little remedial, and not particularly based on numbers. It really comes down to this - when I get ready in the morning, I want to know that I'll look good in any pair of jeans I try on.

I'm not that concerned with my actual weight. Personally, I think that scales are lying sacks of garbage. But, jeans, however, they never lie. In fact, I feel like a good pair of jeans are the most accurate way to measure weight loss.

Lately, I've been feeling a little more confident in my jeans, so I guess Pilates is working! I was able to comfortably wear a pair on Friday that I don't think I've ever worn. The scale may not agree but I won't be consulting it!


wendy said...

I totally agree. I want to feel good and look good in my clothes...and have some stamina. :) Glad you're comfy in your jeans!

morgan said...

see, i can't even use the jeans measurement cause i don't think any jeans fit me well...i think i just look better w/ no clothes at all...too bad i can't do that!

Amber said...

I completely agree about the jeans measurements! I don't care what the scale says so long as my jeans fit right!