Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Would you like to waste the next 2 and 1/2 minutes?

On Monday, our toddler group was canceled and it was an all around nasty day outside, so Evan and I had to find creative ways of entertaining ourselves. Personally, I chose to spend most of the morning trying to get Evan to sing on video. I was extremely unsuccessful, but I did catch the following 2 1/2 minutes of riveting film. Apparently, this is how Evan chose to entertain himself...

A few things to note before watching this video:
  • Prior to pushing record, he'd already been making this noise for like five minutes.
  • At 15 seconds, Dinosaur cordially greets Hulk Transformer
  • At 24 seconds, a short intermission is required to fix his slipper
  • At 41 seconds, Evan pauses to shut his eyes tightly, for no apparent reason
  • At 53 seconds and 1 minute 2 seconds, Evan contemplates the engineering of the Hulk Transformer
  • At 1 minute 45 seconds, Evan surveys the living room
  • At 1 minute 53 seconds, Evan shows off his extreme drool
  • At 2 minutes 21 seconds, my son deliberately blows snot out of his nose so that he can wipe it on me - awesome!


morgan said...

i laughed out loud when he said hi w/ the toys! for some reason that part was funniest to me! but the snot was just extreme! can't wait to see that booger tomorrow!

Alison said...

priceless ending! I think you handled it rather gracefully. :-) Looking forward to the meal plans!