Friday, December 05, 2008

Week One

I started week one of my cookbook on Monday, and it was great! I went shopping on Sunday and had all of the ingredients I needed each day when I got ready to cook. I didn't have to worry once about what I was going to make. Plus, none of the meals took longer than 30 minutes to prepare, and they were all well-balanced.

I really hope some of you can benefit from the cookbook, or at least the idea of it, because it's definitely making my life easier already! And, please feel free to share it with others! We've made it easier to find by placing a link in the sidebar.

I'll probably be making periodic changes to the cookbook. I already found several errors, even though I proofed it twenty times! But, I might also tweak the recipes as I go through the weeks. The most current version will always be on our iDisk site.

1 comment:

Hf said...

Love it! and even though my house is full of picky eaters i think most meals will satisfy! You rock.