Wednesday, January 14, 2009

"I love that too!"

Next week is Evan's last appointment with his speech therapist. I'm a little sad, because we really like her and I know that Evan looks forward to those sessions, plus I've learned a lot from them as well. But, It's time. He's well within the average range on speech and language, so there's not much left to warrant continued services.

It's amazing to see how far he's come. He started speech last April, and at that point he hadn't even said Mama. That was only 9 months ago and now he talks in full sentences. I can't say for certain that speech therapy is behind all of his progress, but it's definitely helped.

Another big change is that when we started he wasn't mimicking anything we said, and now he's like our own personal echo. Not to mention that he wants to do everything we do, just like we do it. He still says, "I try" a lot, but his newest "Evanism" is super cute. If I start talking about something, like a spoon even, he'll say, "I like spoon too." And the "too" is all high pitched and agreeable. He also just recently learned the all inclusive statement, "I don't know." Now, he answers half of my questions that way even if he knows the answer, lovely! Note to self: get both adorable retorts on camera and share with the blog! Second note to self: I thought you said you were going to take more pictures...get on that!

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