Friday, March 06, 2009

Edited to add...

Shortly after my last post, I realized what "federline" meant. Evan was racing his cars down the hallway and I heard him say, "almost to the federline." Finish line. He means finish line. Still not sure about "billy goat," but at least one mystery is solved. Of course, he came up with a new one too: "badger." Last night he was pointing to the floor and saying there was a creepy badger there. He insisted that he did not mean badger and then tried to sign it for me by pinching his fingers together like a crab, but he also ruled out lobster and everything else I could think of.

It's funny because we'll ask him to repeat a word for us and he will say it perfectly, but then two minutes later we'll hear him say it and it's way off.

Enjoy the video - this is only a short snippet. I know what to do next time he gets bored!


morgan said...

his hair!! i like how he shows himself his car! :)

Kelly said...

So adorable!! I love the funny things they say at that age. How cute that he says he's just a little boy! I remember for months thomas was saying "oreo" and we had no idea what it meant b/c he never had the cookies but we finally figured out that he was saying "earlier".