Tuesday, March 03, 2009


Evan has entered the kids say the darndest things phase of language development, and this has been providing us with constant entertainment. It seems everyday he has a new catchphrase. Some make sense, and some don't. For instance, he's recently started using the reply, "I'm just a little boy," when we ask him to do things. Where do they get this stuff?

There are also two words that he uses on a daily basis that we can't seem to identify, and they sound like "billy goat," and "federline." Now, surely my son isn't familiar with K Fed and he's not actually saying Federline, but that's what it sounds like. He seems to say it a lot when he's playing with his cars or trains, but even in context, I'm clueless. The other, billy goat, could in fact refer to a billy goat, but if so, he's using it way out of context. Any ideas what these could be?

I tried to get him to say these on video yesterday, but I was using Photobooth on the Mac and as soon as he realized he was looking at himself he started making all sorts of goofy faces and lost all interest in my project. I have every intention of posting some of that video, though, because it was pretty funny. I say "some," because I had to literally tear him away from the computer when after 5 minutes he was still enamored by his own face!


LadyStahl said...

Is he saying get in line...instead of federline? Not sure about the billy goat...are there billy goats on any of those cartoons?

morgan said...

i think he is probably totally talking about federline...i mean, who wouldn't? it's k fed!