Wednesday, March 18, 2009

It's that time of year

It's March in Indiana, and that can only mean one thing, I wasted way too much time at work filling out my NCAA tournament bracket. Does this mean I watch or even enjoy college basketball? No, not especially. I do, however, have a competitive streak, and I love "crossing things off," so I'm a big fan of March Madness. Even if I don't watch all of the games, I have fun following the outcomes and "rooting" for underdogs. Every year I seem to pick the most improbable teams to go to the Final Four, and every year they make good on their improbability. This year, I did a little research and tried to be a tad more realistic. I entered a friendly bracket contest at work, and hope to win bragging rights with my stellar picks! If you haven't filled yours out yet, here's a link to one that gives you help along the way...The games start tomorrow...get your highlighters ready!

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