Monday, March 23, 2009

What would you rather be doing?

Ok, so I've been a pretty bad blogger lately. But, with this amazing weather, can you blame me? Plus, we were out of town this weekend. We went to visit Jeff's family and attended Evan's cousin's birthday party. It was held at the "Jumping Place" and that's been all Evan could talk about for the last month. With all of his anticipation, we were sure he'd have a blast. But, come to find out, our son is a scaredy cat.

He wouldn't go on anything by himself and even offering to go with him didn't usually work. We've been to one of these places before and he had fun, but then there weren't thirty kids kids there either. He spent most of the party playing on a little climber.

I felt bad for him, because he desperately wanted to play with his cousin. But, of course, Zane was busy playing on all of the big toys with his friends. There were a few times that I think Evan was really sad, and that made me sad to watch. It made me think about all of the life lessons I'll watch him learn throughout the years...those are going to be tough!

We did get home in time to enjoy the warm weather and Evan showed Daddy his soccer skills. Can you believe this boy has never had a lesson? Check out those skills! I'm pretty sure soccer is going to be the first sport we introduce him to. Hopefully we can harness that natural desire to kick things.


morgan said...

we all are afraid of something...i'm sure he'll be better next time

Alison said...

When you decide to sign him up, look into Upward. It's an awesome Christian organization that does kids sports. We just signed Carolyn up at the Church of the Master (next to Ben Davis High School) and are loving it! She's the same way. Just seems to be a natural. Glad to see you guys have a regularly scheduled date night and that you found a good babysitter. That's wonderful and so necessary!