Friday, May 01, 2009

The Final(e) Verdict

This week saw the finale of two of my favorite tv shows: Heroes and Chuck. I'm not sure how I feel about shows having finales in April, it seems a tad premature. But, I'll report on them anyway.

It's time to get honest. You all know how I feel about Heroes. But, it's definitely had it's ups and downs. The first season was unbelievably awesome. The second season was a disappointment, but I'm fiercely loyal, and I had blind faith that they'd turn it around. So, of course, I tuned in for the season premiere, albeit with slightly less enthusiasm. Here's the part where I get honest: the first part of the season was an even bigger disappointment. Not because it was worse than last season, because it did improve, just not as much as I'd hoped. I wasn't going to give up though, and I'm gad I didn't. The second part of the season showed major progress, the last few episodes especially. I'm hoping the series is on it's way out of this awkward phase. The finale was really good and they were smart not to end with a huge cliffhanger they can't really deliver on. Granted, I'm not the crazy obsessed fan I once was (I can only be that obsessed with one thing at a time apparently,) but I'm definitely still a fan!

And the Chuck finale...AWESOME! A little playlist heavy, but the ending was completely satisfying. Everything changes and everything stays the same - brilliant! We love Chuck. It's pure entertainment. There's been talk of it being canceled which would be absolutely dreadful. So, if you haven't been watching it, catch up on Hulu!

Honestly, what do we do will all of our extra time in the summer?

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