Tuesday, April 07, 2009

One and the same

Ok, so I have something major that I have to come clean about. But first, I need you to all promise something...no heckling!

It's no secret that I tend to get a little obsessed with books or tv shows. It's just something I do. I can get very carried away by plots and characters.

Last week I snuck Twilight on the Netflix queue just to see what all the hype was about. You know, more out of curiosity than anything. I watched it on Friday, and I have to admit, I really liked it. The whole vampire thing aside, it's a good love story. But throw the vampires back in and its even better.

I'm not saying this is like award-winning material, or anything, but I enjoyed it. So much so, that I watched it again on Saturday and then bought the second book in the series so I could see what happened next.

Not only do I obsess much, but I'm also very much a completist. I'm an avid spoiler reader, because I can't stand waiting to find out what comes next. I love a good ending almost as much as I love knowing the ending. So, do you think I stopped with the first (but 2nd of the series) 300 page book? Of course not. I coursed through the next 1000 pages and was finished by Monday night.

Insane right? How did I get anything else done? I'm really great at multi-tasking, but it did require a late night or two. One of those late nights unfortuately happened the night before we had to make an ER trip for Evan, which I haven't had time to write about since I've been reading every spare second. I will get to it though...

I'll also get to the recipes. The post date for those got a little delayed by my Twilight sidetrack as well. They're all done though. Jeff is finishing up his part and then I'll do a little more proofing. The official release date will be Monday, 4/13.

No, you won't ever see me wearing a Twilight t-shirt, but I have to admit, I've pretty much become a fan.


new mercies everyday said...

YA TWILIGHT! it's SO good!

Holly said...

lol. I have the hardcover boxed set. Read them all. FAST!

Anonymous said...

I read them all too. I did the same thing as you....I couldn't stop after just reading one. I had to see how it ended. :)

Travis said...

I had no idea you were working at Hot Topic. When did this happen?

LadyStahl said...

I LOVE Twilight...I have only read the first book, but I have the second and third I think ready to go. LOVE LOVE LOVE It

Alison said...

I have another friend who came down with the same obsession. :-) She keeps wanting me to borrow the movie so I can see what she loved so much about it. I just might have to take her up on it. Then, I'll be reading the books, too, I'm sure! I'm like you, when I really like a book, there's not much else that gets done until I'm finished with it!