Sunday, May 24, 2009

Three more days

Summer is almost here and with it 10 weeks off, vacation, trips to the pool, and unfortunately the return of potty training. We haven't quite decided when to start that dreaded process (again) but we WILL have a potty trained toddler by the end of the summer - I've decreed it!

Now that summer is so close, I'm not nearly as anxious about the change in routine. Change is inevitable and I'm starting to get excited for all of the activities we have planned. Most of all our vacation.

Evan has been talking about the beach for weeks now. When you ask him what we should bring on vacation he says, "sun block, sun chair, sunglasses, beach balls, shovel and pail..." He's all set and Jeff and I share his enthusiasm. We'll be there for a full week with absolutely no responsibilities. No yard to mow, no house to clean, and no bills to open. I'm hoping for lots of sunshine, but worst case it rains the whole week and we have to stay inside reading and watching movies - I'll still take it! That would, however, put a damper on my goal of getting a slight tan. It's highly unlikely, though, even a week spent entirely in the sun probably can't accomplish that feat, but I'm going to give it a try.

I have made a not-so-monumental decision in light of the impending summer, I'm cutting my hair. I'm tired of my hair and I need a change, so I'm going shorter than I've worn it in a long time. With the way it grows it should be back to long and annoying by the time school starts, but I'll get a couple of months of reprieve. I've been looking online for pictures to take with me, even though that's a complete waste of time. My hair does whatever it wants. She may cut it a certain way, but I highly doubt my hair will cooperate. If it turns out well, I'll post an after picture. If it turns out dreadfully, I'll just be in hiding for a month or two.

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morgan said...

when are you getting it cut? i've thought about doing something different too....i hope it turns out well!