Sunday, May 10, 2009

An Unexpected Mothers' Day Gift

Did everyone have a good Mothers' Day? I was very happy with the way mine turned out. Really, the whole weekend was great. Grandma "Mar Mar" and Uncle Dave have been here since Thursday and all the while Evan has been their shadow. All the book reading, toy playing, puzzle completing, and outside going just had to be done by them. Today I offered to read Evan a book and he looked at me like 'I'd rather pull out my toenails,' and said, "No, Dave read the book!" I do kind of miss his attention, but I know tomorrow we'll be back to being attached at the hip, so I'm not going to complain!

We went to see the new Star Trek, which was great. Last night my Mom and her husband came over and we all had a lot of fun grilling and playing games. I got to sleep in a few days, and this morning Jeff made breakfast for all of us.

I did get an unexpected Mothers' Day gift from Evan today and it was, by far, the highlight of the weekend. Last week Evan brought me our camera, and after making sure he hadn't broken it, I reminded him that he wasn't supposed to play with it unless I was there to supervise him. The only thing I noticed was that somehow he'd managed to switch it b&w.

Today I was uploading pictures and realized that there were a lot more to upload than I remembered taking. And then I saw them...twenty-four original b&w photographs by Evan, and I cracked up! It was such a great surprise, because I had no idea he'd taken them. The ones of his face and feet are hilarious. I love them.

I know he didn't intend them as a gift, but I think they might be the best Mothers' Day gift I've gotten in these short 2 1/2 years - Thanks Evan! Oh, and thank you for being the most amazing reason to celebrate this holiday - I love you!

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