Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Things I'm currently excited about...

In no particular order...

  1. Our up and coming vacation. Six full days to play on the beach, watch Evan experience new things, snuggle up and watch movies, read at my leisure, and eat out whenever we want - without guilt, you know, cause it’s vacation!

  2. School being out. As anxious as I am about the change in routine, I still can’t help but be excited about the end of the year. It’s compulsory. I don’t hate my job, but I do hate losing those (maybe) extra 15 minutes of sleep I get on my off days. It’s a sad state of affairs when you realize the high regard you've given to a measly fifteen minutes of sleep. I do love my sleep though!

  3. Summer activities – Evan and I will be joining our local rec center for the summer, which means I can take advantage of (mid) morning aerobics classes and we can visit the water park anytime we want. We’ve also decided to enroll Evan in a tumbling class for the summer, and possibly swim lessons. He will love the tumbling and hopefully his naptime will love it too! I can be a very lethargic creature, so I’m hoping the activities will keep us busy and keep me out of my pajamas!

  4. Mothers’ Day – I’m angling for a morning to sleep in, plus Jeff’s family is coming to stay with us and that always makes for a good time (and usually a trip to the movie theater.) And, we’re planning a joint celebration with both our Moms.

  5. Jeff’s birthday/Our next date night – We’ve been very happy with our babysitter and this month will be our third date night. My only regret – that we didn’t start these sooner!! Last month, Jeff planned an amazing evening for my birthday so this month it’s my turn.

  6. Getting a new car – This one is still very far away, but both cars are paid off, and with a second kid somewhere on the horizon, it’s finally time to start considering our options. My car has been good to me, but neither of us (especially Jeff) will be sad to see it go. Unfortunately, we’ve committed to keeping it as long as possible (aka until we have another baby,) so that we can use the extra money for other things, but knowing that a new car is within our reach is kind of exciting!

  7. Last, but certainly not least, I read today that the script for Twilight: New Moon has been leaked online. It’s highly possible that it’s a fake (because that’s how crazy the Twilight fans are…and no, I didn’t do it,) but I plan to read it either way. In fact, I’d be reading it right now over lunch but it’s blocked at work.

Sometimes I get wrapped up in life and forget to find joy in the little things. I’m the kind of person that really craves new things to look forward to. So, I find sitting down to consider what those things are, to be very helpful!


jeff said...

I'm looking forward to all those awesome things as well.

Especially the birthday night out. You better wow me woman!


morgan said...

all of those sound great! i'm glad you have so many things to look forward to!!