Saturday, June 13, 2009


We've officially voted this our best vacation ever! We got home this afternoon after spending a beautiful last day at the beach. Friday was our going away present. It was by far the best day of the week - full sun, really warm, and just breezy instead of windy. I even got to lay out and get a little sunburn color.

The absolute best part of this vacation is that it was all only a three hour drive away. We were able to come home without feeling like we needed another vacation just to recuperate from the travel.

I have a ton of pictures, none of which I've proofed, so I know what I'll be doing all week. But in the meantime, it's back to life as usual. We have a yard to mow, a budget in dire need of attention, a house that needs cleaning, and a toddler that needs potty training. Evan also needs some serious detoxing. We tried to stick to routine as much as possible on vacation, but his naps were measly, and he never wanted to fall asleep at night either. Sleep deprivation and toddlers are a wicked mix! Worst part though for sure - Jeff has to return to work on Monday.

There are a few very nice things about being back. We've missed our tv and I've definitely missed convenient internet access. There was a soda bar by the beach that had wifi, but I wasn't always up to going to all the trouble.

I hear the laundry calling, so...

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