Monday, June 29, 2009

It's true what they say about rabbits

Our yard has become the breeding ground for all the neighborhood rabbits. At the beginning of the summer we found two nests, and now we have two more families residing in our backyard. At first I didn't understand what was so appealing about our real estate, but then I realized, we're the only nearby yard without a dog.

Besides the unsightly holes, and the constant danger of mutilating baby bunnies with our mower, it's actually kind of cool. Evan loves watching the rabbits and once in a while, one will even let him chase it.

Our yard has come a LONG way since last year. This is what it looked like when we started:

And now it looks like this:

The grass grew in nicely in the back, I was worried it would be too shady. There will always be more work to do, and we won't even talk about what's behind the fence, because it's an absolute jungle!


morgan said...

looks good!

Alison said...

What an amazing transformation of the backyard! We have lots of rabbits, too, especially in the early morning hours. We got to watch one eating some leaves the other morning. The kids loved it! They love to sit by the window to eat breakfast so they can see all the animals (we've got several wildlife back there, and even a stray cat from time to time) while they eat. I'm thankful for it, b/c it satisfies the pet desire for now!