Wednesday, July 01, 2009

The Perfect Day

Monday was my definition of the perfect summer day. Evan and I spent the morning at the rec center. He had a blast at playworld, while I tortured my glutes and abs in toning class. Afterward, as a reward to both of us, we got changed and went out to Splash Island. Yeah, the rec center has a water park and it's included in your membership - pretty awesome. We hung out there for an hour or so before coming home for lunch and nap.

Then came the best part. Monday was a gorgeous day. Perfectly warm and perfectly sunny, with no humidity, and since I'd already exercised, I had Evan's entire nap to myself. So, I took a blanket, pillow, and book, and went outside. I laid in the sun for 2 hours doing nothing but relaxing. It was awesome! I've been wanting to do that all summer, but the heat has been so miserable, it wasn't even an option.

At some point during my lounging, I took stock of how sacred a moment like that really is. For a mom, especially one that's planning on having a second child some time in the future, afternoons to lay blissfully in the sun with no interruptions don't come around that often. My mission - to have as many of those as humanly possible this summer - not a bad goal to have!

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LadyStahl said...

Def. get those moments in now, cause once you add two that time is short and few between!