Monday, July 20, 2009


Evan woke up with a very slightly runny nose, so we decided to stay home from the rec center today. And unfortunately do a few breathing treatments just to be on the safe side. As I was setting up the machine I realized that he hasn't gotten a single treatment all summer. That also means he hasn't been sick all summer, and as a result, neither have I. It's been awesome! That's one more thing to dread about going back to school - endless germs and sick season. I think we'll spend the day enjoying more of this great weather!


morgan said...


Stephanie B said...

I noticed the "Tintin" t-shirt; I haven't seen Tintin items since the summer I spent with my parents in Belgium. Classic little comic, that fellow is, over there. Unique to see him over here!

Kelly said...

Gosh, he's getting so big! Cute pictures!