Saturday, July 25, 2009

The sincerest form of flattery

There are all these little things that Evan does to mimic us, and it's really cute to watch. Like this morning we were eating cinnamon rolls, and I took the last bite of one and dipped it in the icing of another (I know, good thinking right?) Immediately I looked over and saw Evan doing the same thing. Now, I know teaching Evan how to eat cinnamon rolls is only mildly monumental, but there's more.

The really crazy imitations are the ones he's never even seen us do. I'm not sure how many of you have watched a movie with me, but if the movie is even remotely suspenseful, then it's a trip. I refuse to watch scary or suspenseful movies in the theater, because I can NOT stay in my seat. Sometimes I'll employ the ear/eye double cover, but usually I'll just get up and stand in the next room until the "scary" part is over. It's compulsive, and probably a little crazy, but I can't handle the suspense.

Obviously, we've never let Evan watch a scary movie with us, so I'm pretty sure he hasn't had any reason to see me do those things. But he watches a few superhero cartoons, that he's probably a little young for, and sometimes there are intense moments when Batman or Iron Man are in danger. Recently, I noticed that he was walking into the hallway a lot when this would happen, or if we were sitting next to him he'd cover his face with a pillow. It took me a while to put it together, but then I realized, he was doing exactly what I do.

I guess it's genetic. Which actually makes me feel a lot better. Now I have an excuse for the way I act too!


morgan said...

you have no excuse... :)

pam said...

Tim makes fun of me because I do the same thing. Okay whose fault is it we do it?