Wednesday, August 26, 2009

In case you missed it...

A lot of you have probably already heard this story via Facebook, but now that I've had some distance from the situation, I finally feel ready to blog about the trauma!

I've already mentioned, several times, how Evan loves to poop at nap time. Sometimes he'll go on the potty beforehand, but usually he holds out for his nap time diaper. On a few occasions, he's been impatient and taken his diaper off before I went back to check on him (but luckily never made a mess.) He knows this is NOT cool. He also knows that he's NEVER EVER supposed to touch feces.

Well, on Monday, he'd apparently waited as long as he could for me to come change his diaper, and decided to do it himself. Since he knew he was most definitely NOT supposed to touch it, his bright idea was to wipe his bottom on the wall. The wall! I'm still unsure how this all went down, since his version of the story is a little cloudy. When I asked if he had touched the poop he said, "no mommy, poopy has germs in it!" His hands were clean, so it seems to add up. I won't go into great detail, but it was GROSS! My only consolation? That he wasn't purposely smearing it, and that it wasn't the carpet - that would have been way worse to clean. In retrospect, the whole situation was comical (I guess,) but at the time I was not happy!

On an entirely related note, we're approaching another two-night Grandma weekend and we're very excited. Movies, dinners, sleeping in, and maybe even a little car shopping. We're not ready to buy yet, as we're still enjoying the benefits of having zero car payments. But, we figured this would be a good chance to do a little test driving and research.

Now, if you'll excuse me after this appetite killing post, I have to go prep food for tonight. We host our weekly Bible Study and tonight we're having a kebab party! Each couple brings a different meat and veggie and then we make, grill, and eat 'em - Yum!

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Nikki said...

Oh my goodness. The fun I have to look forward to, huh? :) I hope you handled the situation well!!