Monday, August 03, 2009

This is it

This is my last full week off of work. School starts next Wednesday. Am I ready? I don't know, I guess. It's been a really great summer. We've stayed busy, but not too busy. I think having the rec center membership really helped. We went there at least twice a week, and then there was gymnastics, the pool, summer movies, play dates, trips to Mom's, lunches out, etc...

Going back to work isn't so bad though, I have a pretty sweet schedule, and those three days go by really quickly. Of course, my days off go by even faster, but that's how it goes.

My only regret for the summer? That Evan isn't more potty-trained. He's way further along than our last attempt, and it's really rare that he has accidents, but I still can't say he's 100%. The biggest hold up is the elusive #2. I think he's only gone #2 in the potty a couple times all summer. About 50% of the time he wakes up in the morning with a poopy diaper, or he'll wait until nap time when he's wearing a diaper. We'll sit on the potty right before nap and he'll go pee, but that's it. And then within 10 minutes of being in his room, he almost always poops. Sometimes he'll even poop twice before falling asleep (if he falls asleep at all.)

But, at least he's pretty well pee-trained, and he can stay dry when we go out usually so that's good. I am concerned though about the change in routine once I go back to work. I hope that doesn't set us back like last time.

In the meantime, I'm going to make the most of my last week. It's our grand finale. We'll hit the rec center a few times, go to gymnastics and the movies. We'll have lunch with Jeff on Friday, and then Jeff's fam is visiting this weekend. We're taking Uncle Dave to IKEA, while Evan spends the day with his Grandma. IKEA, not bad for a finale!

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