Monday, August 10, 2009

His big boy room and other stuff...

Last week was really busy. I think we fit in all of the things we've loved about summer. Plus, we got ready for Jeff's family to visit and completely overhaul Evan's room. The room renovation started last weekend when our friends from church helped us paint. The guys knocked it out in two hours! We painted the room in three colors. Most of the walls are gray, but the biggest wall is blue, and there's also an accent wall in orange. We love color. I think that brings the total to 12 different wall colors in our house.

Jeff's brother's birthday was this week and he said he wanted to go to IKEA, which worked out well since we needed to go there for Evan's new bed. Meanwhile, Evan got to stay home with both of our Mom's on Saturday. So, of course he had a blast too. Jeff's fam was here Thursday through Sunday and it was great to have the extra hands, especially since we had a lot to do in his room.

We decided to keep it very simple with Evan's bed, and instead of a traditional headboard, we designed one using wall graphics. The bed and mattress are IKEA, but the comforter set is from Target, which couldn't have been a more perfect match!

The rest of the room is decorated with circle wall graphics. His orange wall will eventually house a storage system for all of his toys, but we're still deciding on what that should be.

He got a few other accessories from IKEA: the play rug, side table, and lamp.

This is the cutest part of Evan's room - his little play nook. When he's older, this is probably where his desk will go. But, in the meantime, it's the "batcave." And check out Jeff's handiwork. Each letter of his name is on an image that starts with that letter - very cool!

When his room was all finished, I had one of those moments. I looked around and thought, "wow, is my son really old enough for a big-boy room?" He sure is, and he loves it, especially his bed. He was getting way too big for his toddler bed! It was also nice to finally be able to do whatever we wanted with his room. When we decorated his nursery, we knew it was only temporary, because we were still in the condo. And then when we moved into our house, he wasn't quite ready for a big boy room so we decided to keep it a blank slate. I'm glad we waited, and I think it all turned out really well!

I'm writing this post on the Monday morning of the week I go back to work. We had a bunch of things we could have done today, but in the end I decided to stay home and enjoy a quiet day with Evan. I'm a little sad about returning to work, but I also know a lot of that has to do with the change in routine, since we all know how I feel about that. I think Evan is looking forward to going back to daycare and seeing his friends, and of course he's excited to start seeing Grandma every week again. And in this moment, more so than a few months into the schedule, I know that three days/week is nothing!

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