Monday, September 21, 2009

Boys are so strange

What do blocks, sticks, bread, bacon, chicken nuggets, robot arms, and all number of various toys have in common? Well, according to my son, they can all be turned into guns. I would venture to guess that at least 75% of his play results in him shooting at something. I really don't get it. I've followed all the rules. We don't have water guns, and I've even tried to limit the ambiguous "toy weapons." His bat cave has a cannon, and one of his potato heads has a lightsaber, but that's the extent of his arsenal. Occasionally, he watches Batman and Iron Man cartoons, but those are kind of tame, and recently, we've started banning those too.

Jeff keeps saying it's a boy thing, which I understand, but I can't have him going around shooting people all the time. So, we've started to redirect "what" he can shoot at. He's not allowed to point his "guns" at people, or our cat. For now, I guess he can shoot all the pretend aliens and bad guys that he wants. But if he points that chicken nugget at me, it's mine!


Kelly said...

Yep, boys are strange! I'm surrounded ;) I tried hard at first too to avoid guns and shooting, but they figure it out anyway.

Alison said...

Boys are strange....and very different than girls!

morgan said...

ha! he makes me giggle!