Friday, September 25, 2009

Come on Fall!

Fall is my favorite season. I love sweaters, jeans, the sound of leaves crunching, leaving the windows open, the scenery, the food...I love pretty much everything about Fall. This year we're adding something new to the list - the Fall Festival in my husband's home town. Every year we talk about going, but the timing never worked. It's fairly similar to a county fair, but without all the unnecessary extras. The festival's main focus seems to be food, a lot of it being local homemade fare, and I am VERY excited about that! They also have rides and games for kids. They open the festival on Sunday, exclusively for kids to come try out the rides. That will be Evan's first experience with fair rides and I'm sure he'll have a blast. Not to mention, we'll be going with Evan's favorite person, cousin Zane.

I'm also very much looking forward to the change in wardrobe that the drop in temperatures allows. I feel like I've been wearing my Summer clothes forever, and I need a change. It's funny though, because I'm probably just as excited about the change in Evan's wardrobe. I still pick out all of his clothes, and I'm glad because I really enjoy that task each night. Little kids look cute in pretty much anything they wear...maybe I'm living vicariously through him.

And then there's the trips the apple orchard and pumpkin patch, pumpkin carving, Halloween, Evan's birthday. Now that it's finally starting to get a little cooler, I'm really ready for Fall!

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Lauren Stahl said...

You are so lucky Evan will let you pick out his clothes still! I have to give the girls acceptable choices, but they pick...haha school will be so fun with them. I am with you though I LOVE fall, Pumpkin spice lattes, ready a book curled in a blanket, ah good times!