Friday, October 09, 2009

Updates in boring list form

1) Jeff does NOT have to go away for work now, and I am so relieved! Jeff's job sometimes requires late nights or extended hours, but I've found that things never turn out as bad as first thought, especially since he can work from home in a pinch. As a result, I never get worried about impending doom because it almost never happens. That's how I approached this trip, until they booked the plane tickets, of course. At that point I figured it was fair game to start dreading his departure. But, just like usual, the sky didn't fall, my husband will be staying home, and all is well.

2) Did you see the Office last night? Oh my, it was so great and I totally cried. Jim is the new Lloyd Dobler!

3) Evan is now completely potty trained. Well, unless you count night/nap time. He wears underwear 100% of the time, goes to the bathroom in public like a pro, and almost never has accidents. He's even stopped pooping during his nap. There's a chance he might be ready to give up his nap time diapers too, but I'm not ready for that. He spends a lot of his nap not sleeping, and running him back and forth to the potty is not my idea of "me-time." I'm really proud of us both. Potty-training was a long road, but it feels good to be done with diapers!

4) Fall break is one more week away. Monday and Tuesday will be long days because I attend parent conferences, but then I get Wednesday-Tuesday off. Fall break is also monumental because that means the school year is 1/4 over. That seems crazy, the year is going by very fast!

5) I have been sooo lazy about getting the Fall/Winter recipes done. Especially since all the hard work was done more than a month ago. I only have half of the shopping lists left to type and then it's ready to edit and post. I really need to get it done though, because without my meal plan, the dinners around here have been pretty sketchy.

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