Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I guess I'm due

In a few weeks, Jeff will be gone four long days and nights on a work trip. This will be the first time ever that he's had to travel for work, so I probably shouldn't be complaining, but I'm going to anyway.

Since being married, 5 1/2 years, I've never spent a full night alone in our home, and I'm not looking forward to this first. Primarily, because I'm a big wuss. Most of you know that I don't do scary movies, and there's a reason for that. I get freaked out very easily, and I don't need fuel for the fire! I've woken up in the middle of the night after watching something scary (or not on occasion,) and because I'm too scared, I make Jeff get up and walk me to the restroom. Yeah, that's right, and I'm an adult.

You might be saying, "well, don't watch scary stuff while he's gone." I wish it were that easy. There have been nights when I've been up for hours thinking I heard something, even without having watched a scary movie, and that's with Jeff being home. There's something about trying to fall asleep that really kicks up my imagination. I'm not looking forward to four days of single parenting either, but it's definitely the nights that I'm dreading the most.

Jeff and I operate as a team, and do everything together, so of course I'll miss him. I know I'll survive, and one of the nights my sister is coming to stay, so that will help. But right now I'm really not happy about it!


Alison said...

Spoiled, aren't we? Steve doesn't go out of town very often, but I definitely don't enjoy it when he does, and it's usually only for one night! I get a little nervous, as well. I don't know how wives do it with husbands who travel for weeks at a time! Hats off to them! I would pray over the house and the bedroom before he leaves and before you go to bed each night he's gone. I'm glad you have someone coming to stay with you. That will definitely be a help, I'm sure!

Lauren Stahl said...

We are just down the road if you need us...maybe you guys should have an alarm system installed. That helps me rest easy when Tom is gone, I keep the panic button by the bed and keep all the blinds closed...it really isn't that bad. But like I said we are here if you need us.