Friday, December 18, 2009

Busy, Busy

I've been planning to sit down and do a blog post all week, but man has it been a busy one. My three work days were jam packed this week, but not with actual work. One of the great things about my job, is that when I leave the school building, I am completely done with work. I don't have a pager, and besides the case manager I work with, no one ever ever calls me. Our paperwork is electronic, I don't have a work laptop, my employer expects same-day documentation, and I am extremely efficient, so I've never even had to bring notes home. So, once 3:30 hits, and sometimes earlier, I'm free to go about my business. Sure, work was a little busier than usual since I tried to see all of my kids before break, but it was mostly the after-school activities that had me stressed.

We had a great weekend while Evan was at Grandma's and got a ton of stuff done, but the Monday after is usually rough and this one was no exception. Evan had to go through "I've-been-spoiled detox" after his Grandma weekend, and as a result I didn't feel like taking him in public, so I didn't get any of my usual errands done on Monday. That left a ton of stuff, plus my 16 week doctor appointment to fit in during my after school time.

My appointment went well, and we're very excited because my next trip to the doctor will be our ultrasound. January 11th is the big day, which will be here in no time. Jeff and I were just saying how this ultrasound seems even more monumental than Evan's. With Evan we were obviously beyond excited because it was our first, but this time finding out the gender seems to mean more because of how it will relate to Evan. We can't wait to tell him whether he's getting a brother or sister. Although, the last time I asked him which he wanted, he said that he wanted there to be "both" in my belly!

Meanwhile, we're ready for Christmas. I'm officially on break and will be until the 5th, and better yet, Jeff's company gave them a week and a half off for Christmas, so he'll be home too! I'm slowly getting my Christmas cards out. I successfully baked cookies - see picture - they're called date delights. I discovered something in the process, though. Cookies taste better when someone else makes them for you! Now for the long 6-day wait for Christmas morning!

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