Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas cookies and the aftermath

Growing up, we always made and decorated Christmas cookies on Christmas day. It seems though, that I was the only one that really enjoyed this tradition, so it's been a casualty of change in the recent years. Personally, I just think that no one else could hang with the greatness that is my cookie decorating abilities! To be fair, the process of making and intricately decorating 4 dozen cookies requires some degree of stamina and patience, and my family is not know for their ability to focus on details for long periods of time. But, I'm bringing cookies back!

Luckily I married a rock star in the artistic arena, so he was completely game for adopting this tradition in our own household. I used Mom's recipe for cookie dough and icing, and we spent Christmas Eve sitting around the table competing for best cookie. It was a lot of fun! Jeff and I got started while Evan was napping, but when he joined in, it definitely caused us to up our game.

He decided that his cookies needed marshmallows, although, that was really just a ploy to gain access to and eat several of said marshmallows. And then he proceeded to eat more straight sugar icing than he actually put on the cookies. The video below shows what happens when your child spends 30 minutes licking icing!

Jeff insisted that I show off his Captain America gingerbread man, and I have to say, it is pretty awesome!

And this is Evan on way too much sugar! Between that and his anticipation for Christmas morning, he didn't fall asleep that night until 10:30 and then he woke up at 5:30! That made for an interesting day of holiday traveling...but more on that later!

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bethany said...

lol, that's so familiar! my 7 year old still does the crazy run after too much sugar, or tv for that matter ...