Friday, April 23, 2010

Didn't I say I wouldn't do this?

I had my 34 week doctor's appointment today, and the next appointment I had scheduled was in two weeks where I'd get my first "check-up." She threw me for a loop though, saying that she wanted to see me back next week. I'm due for my Group B Strep test soon, and since technically this is the end of my 34th week, she wants to do that next week in case I was to go into labor early. I said, "say what!" And then she told me that Aida has actually been measuring a week or so ahead for a while now, and I said, "say what!"

So, even though I'm still telling myself that I won't deliver early, part of me is considering the possibility. And, since I've been set on being pregnant until or after my due date, anything sooner seems very, very soon! We're ready, but I don't know if we're that ready! But, I refuse to buy into the hype this time, so no matter what she tells me next week, I'm still going to take one day at a time.

Until then, Jeff and I are off to enjoy our last child-free weekend for quite some time. My Mom picked up Evan this afternoon, so we're on our own until Sunday. I'm sure that Evan will stay with Mom a few times throughout the next year, but we wouldn't ask her to keep both kids until Aida is closer to one.

We're both really looking forward to this break. We love our monthly date nights, but those never deliver the most coveted of parental pleasures - sleeping in! Plus there's the whole day to do whatever we want. We have a few small things on the agenda, but mostly this weekend is about relaxing. Evan is a strong-willed, constant stream of energy that requires ceaseless amounts of attention, and some days he leaves us completely exhausted. These breaks are good because as soon as I send him off, I'm reminded of all the reasons I love him without measure, and I get to miss him. And then when we pick him up, it's with renewed appreciation and patience!

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Burgh Baby said...

I hope it was a fantastic weekend full of sleep and listening to silence and doing all those things you won't be able to do soon enough!