Thursday, April 22, 2010

Super Hero City

Evan's favorite thing to do is play "super heroes." And when I say favorite, I mean that he could seriously play for hours every single day. Does he play this game by himself? Not if he can help it. Actually, Evan does very little by himself if he can help it, which is something we're working on. I usually dodge the super hero game by telling Evan how much Daddy will want to play with him when he gets home. Hee Hee! I mean really, it's much more of a Daddy game, don't you think? But, it's not a fool proof diversion, so there are times that I play as well.

Here's how the game is played: Evan dumps out his ever-growing box of action figures; Each person takes turns picking their "team" and then decides where to set up their base; Then the super heroes and villains engage in various battles.

We played such a game this morning and I thought I'd share scenes from the "super hero city" I created...

Iron Man and the Hulk are ganging up on Venom.

Batman is racing to save his pal Robin from the mind control of Gorilla Grodd. Although, maybe he just needed a cuddle.

Wonder Woman just landed her invisible jet on a nearby rooftop. Apparently, it was an emergency...her legs are broken!

Batman has just emerged from his cave to fulfill the duties of his part-time job, crossing guard. He's hoping to catch the Joker in a full-on traffic violation.

Spider Woman is about to bring the pain on Electro, which is good because...

Spiderman is busy getting punked by Doctor Octopus.

And Silver Surfer? He's on vacation. Surfing, of course.

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Alison said...

Hilarious! Barrett would be in heaven! He really needs to be with boys more. He asked me for the princess game today! :-) He is definitely all boy, but he knows his princesses, too. He's actually getting the girls to play more "action" games with him these days. Right now, he thinks he's SuperMan and wears a cape! Boys are so fun! Girls, too, of course. :-)