Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Nursery!

If we'd had even the slightest bit of sunshine this week, I would have taken and posted these pictures sooner. Not to mention the fact that Aida's room has been mostly finished for months now, but without the final touches, I just couldn't take pictures. Finally though, here it is, Aida's nursery...

Let's start with the accents. This the quilt that my Great Grandmother made. I asked Mom to have it finished for Aida's room and it's so pretty. When she gets a "big girl bed," we'll use it as a coverlet. In the meantime, it gets to drape the rocker.

This is one of our "decorations." As we started putting the nursery together I realized that we had two very distinct "styles" going on. Some of the pieces in her room are very traditional, like the quilt, and others are more whimsical like this framed fabric. I wasn't sure if it would all work together, but I think it does. We saw this fabric at IKEA, of course, and loved it. I think it makes for great wall art!

And this is the obligatory, "use her name as art" feature. The colors come from the fabric and the stickers were something that Mom picked up at a discount store ages ago.

Here are a few angles of her room. It's a small space, so taking a picture of the whole room is difficult. All of the furniture was Evan's, as is obvious by the teeth marks on the crib. But there are a few new additions. The white "so fluffy you could nap on it and probably will" rug is from Target, along with the floor lamp, curtains, and bedding. The table lamp is from IKEA. We got great deals on everything, except for the bedding. We still spent much less than we did for Evan's, but it was more than I had wanted. Lavender is our foundation/wall color and I was amazed by how difficult it was to find a la carte bedding in anything other than pink.

So, there you have it. Aida's nursery. What I love about baby girl nurseries is that they transition better to "big girl" rooms. I don't think we'll have to change much except for the furniture, which we plan to do as soon as possible. We don't intend to go the toddler bed route this time, because she'll have a lot more space in her room once the nursery items vacate. I also love how peaceful her room is. Sometimes when I need a moment of quiet, I go and sit in her rocker and revel in how still everything is. I'm pretty sure those days are numbered! :-)

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