Monday, May 24, 2010

You turned down an induction in 90 degree heat?

Yes, I did. I can't say I won't spend the next few days regretting that decision, but what's done is done. I did have her strip my membranes today, and I'm really hoping that gets things started. She seemed pretty positive that I'd go into labor before next week, but in case I don't, she scheduled my induction for next Wednesday. I'd really like to go into labor on my own, but if not, at least we know the end is near.

I think today was the first time it hit me that it really could be any day now. We're all really ready, but I think Jeff might be the most impatient. The time home with us and Aida is the only vacation he's getting this Summer, and he's ready to get that started! I'm sad that we won't be going on a family vacation this year, but between maternity leave and hospital bills, I'm pretty sure our financial plate will be full. The lack of vacation has definitely motivated me to start planning for next year's. I've already started researching locations and hope to have it all booked by Fall or Winter. It will be something fun to look forward to!

I'm pretty sure I'm going to be hypervigilant over the next few days. And even though I'll be changing my tune once they arrive, for now I'm saying "bring on the contractions!"


Anonymous said...

Get a pedicure! My doc jokingly said that everytime she has a patient get one, they go into labor soon...I had one on a Saturday, and my daughter was born that Wednesday!
Best of luck. I agree with waiting to see if it can happen on its own.

Alison said...

Ouch! I've heard that hurts! I guess not like labor, though, so I'm sure it was worth it. :-) You probably know this, but there are two other ladies at the west site set to deliver this week, as well. One is being induced today. Lotsa babies coming soon! Yeah!