Thursday, July 08, 2010

Evan can still reach milestones too...

I completely forgot to document one of Evan's recent milestones. Evan finished "waking hours" potty training last Fall, but he was still wearing a pull-up at nap and bedtime. Then sometime late Winter/early Spring he stopped needing the nap time pull-up.

Around that same time, he started getting himself up in the morning. We'd leave his clothes out the night before, and he'd change out of his pull-up, get dressed, and go downstairs to watch cartoons or play until we got up. This is especially awesome since he wakes up at 6:00 sometimes. We weren't regularly monitoring the status of his pull-ups because we weren't changing him in the morning, so I'm not really sure when he started staying dry at night. Before Aida was born he said he wanted to start wearing underwear at night, but I was pregnant and lazy and didn't want to deal with all of the extra laundry if he had accidents. So, while Jeff was home those two weeks, we gave it a try. I figured I'd already have extra laundry to do for Aida, so a little more wouldn't hurt.

He's been out of pull-ups for a month now and has only had one accident. And the best part? I haven't ever had 2 kids in diapers! Way to go Evan!

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